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Part 2 The Current Situation and Future Development of Laser Die Cutting Machine
By Owen  2018-05-24
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In last blog, we mainly talked about current situation for laser die cutting machine, now let's discuss about its future development in this part.

Laser die cutter will continue its epoch-making revolution

Laser light source is the core part of laser die cutting machine. This is also an important indicator of the type and cutting ability of the laser die cutter. There is no doubt that the future revolution of the laser die cutting machine will also appear in the laser light source. As mentioned in last blog, the biggest technological revolution in the past 40 years has been the replacement of CO2 laser die cutting machines with fiber laser die cutting machines, which has brought epoch-making economic benefits to manufacturers and users in this field. So, in the future, is it possible to have a new light source that is cheaper, has better performance, better beam quality, and higher plug efficiency than a fiber laser source? The answer is of course. What kind of laser is this? It is difficult to give accurate answers now. The development of science is sometimes slow, sometimes speeding. At present, I can only say that the development of semiconductor lasers is worth the attention of the industry.


High-power fiber lasers become the main force in the laser die cutting machine market

At present, although the power of the fiber laser die cutting machine is different, it is still booming. However, what is the main laser power of the laser die cutter? Although laser die cutting machines are useful in all power ranges, high-power fiber lasers have led to a global technological revolution in laser die cutting machines, with higher power, higher precision, and higher cutting capacity as the main development directions. This is an unprecedented breakthrough in the cutting speed and thickness of high-power fiber lasers. To be sure, in the near future, the world's fiber laser die cutter manufacturers will reshuffle in the fierce market competition. Only those products with excellent quality will continue to invest in R&D, and mastering core technologies will survive and prosper.


The era of smart manufacturing is coming

Both the German Industry 4.0 and China's smart manufacturing symbolize that the fourth industrial revolution is coming. The automation of the laser die cutting machine will greatly increase the workshop and its automated production capacity.


In the future, laser die cutting machine intelligent manufacturing era is brewing in the network technology, communication technology, computer software technology and other industries. It can be foreseen that as a means of precision cutting, it will become an important part of the workshop unwinding machine, bending machine, CNC punching machine, welding machine, shot blasting and painting equipment, forming a complete production plan, mission and through its own Network communication capabilities for assessment management. As a result, laser die cutting machine manufacturers will gradually become processing contractors.

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