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Part 2 Laser die board cutting machine setup tips
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-12
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We talked about 2 stips in my previous article Part 1 Laser Die Board Setup Tips. Now we continue to discuss it. Here is the third tip for the laser die board cutting machine setup.

Step 3 : Pay attention to wood grains before using laser die board cutting machine to cut die board.

When you have got the die board cutting designs and you will use laser die board cutting machine to burn the designs out on the die board. Wooden die board is good and economic die board for die cutting machine process. But you need to be aware the job difference on real wood and plywood or MDF. Natural wood is not uniform. The grains in the wood represent different types of growth in the wood (winter and summer) and they will each burn differently. Usually the darker grains are harder and the lighter parts between them is softer.


die board plywood.jpg

For plywood, the material is easy to get out of of shape, because it is not pure natural wood. When the plywood die board is being processed on laser die board cutting machine, die board will be burnt inside differently. For lower quality plywood, laser die board cutting process might make it distortion, especially after the steel rule die is installed.


Therefore, die board making accuracy is very related to the material’s quality.


Our die board sawing machine can avoid the board distortion problems because we are using automatic jigsaw system. You can learn the advantages here.

For more information about our environmentally friendly die board sawing machine, please check below video.

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