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Part 2_ Have you noticed the color of a laser die board cutting machine?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-25
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In Part one, we had intorduce the red laser die cutter and orange laser die cutter, in here still have 4 color for laser die board cutting machine.

1. Blue/green_Blue laser die cutter

The most popular color for machinery manufacture. Blue combined with green, the machine body looks very environmentally and friendly. Green Also as the main color of Yisong Logo, blue appearance is the representative of Yisong classic machine models.



2. Gray_gray laser die cutter

The "strong", "stable" and "powerful" features of a laser die board cutting machine specify that its high quality and solid design. A laser die cutter has gray body which can give the user a sense of security and thus increase their productivity.



3. White_white laser die cutter

A laser die cutter with white body, white designates "pure", "clean" and "light" to help users build inner peace and focus on productivity.



4. Black_black laser die cutter

“solemn”, “sedate”, “elegance” with a laser die board cutting machine. A black laser die board cutting machine will express a professional image.




Green World Environmentally friendly die

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