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Part 1_Have you noticed the color of a laser die board cutting machine?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-25
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These day, we are always talk specialized knowledge about laser die board cutting machine, like how does a laser die board cutting machine working, how to make right decision on Rotary Die Choosing, how to choose a right laser die cutter for your business and some small tips,such as: improve your laser die cutter’s lens using life and how to clean the lens of your laser die board cutting machine.


But today, we will discuss the color for a laser die board cutting machine. Do you even think about a machine’s color, how it’s important to safe operation and user’s safety.


Pablo Picasso was mentioned“ colors, like features,follow the changes of the emotions,” This means that colors play a vital role in our life, that affecting our emotions, choices, attitudes and behaviors.  Nowadays, modern industry uses color as a marketing tool and also through color to provide product information. So does machinery manufacture.


In the die board making machine market, 6 colors are be selected:


1. RED_red laser die cutter

Specify "risk", "stop" and "warning signal" for users and surrounding people. Which make sure the use’s safe operation and prevent people to touching the machine. Combined with black, the red laser die cutter machine body looks more stable and elegant.



2. Orange_orange laser die cutter

Designates “warning” and dangerous parts of machinery or energized equipment which could cause injury. Orange appearance laser die board cutting machine also popular in die board cutting machine market.


There are four more colours will be presented in the next article.

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