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Packaging advantage? With laser die cutting machine
By kerry  2018-09-14
laser die cutting machine,

Get a packaging advantage, with laser die cutting machine. How can you bring a laser die cutting machine to the scissor fight your rivals are engeaged in when it comes to packaging? Laser die cutting machine.


Laser die cutting machin is a powerful tool, but its very simple to use. The setup process invloves importing a design file to instruct the machine, such as CAD, DXF,CDR,CIM, and select the partameters for your materials.


Laser die cutting machine Lower Setup Costs

Die board, as usually use in the packaging market. the first step in the die making processing is to create the die itself. The value of tooling a die can be many tens of lots of dollars, even for small dies of only a few inches. The fee of the die is depending on the size to piece, the complexity of the design, the need for precision and many other factors.


Laser die cutting machine Speed

With the laser die cutting machine,because you don't have to create a dieboard, the production process can start faster, laser die cutting machine which is ideal for urgent orders.


In addition, if you find something that needs to change, simply update the design file in laser die cutting machine. With dieboard, if you want to make changes, you may have to start from scratch, causing delays and higher costs.


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