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Packaging _with laser die cutting machine
By Kerry  2018-07-07
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Steel rule dies, which also call laser die board, as templates.

Laser die cutting machine is the backbone of many traditional manufacturing process.



Compare with traditional die making, laser die cutting machine is more fast.

Because you do not have to draw a design first (do not have to create a die), the production process by laser die cutting machine can begin much faster, which is ideal machine for agent orders.


And, if you notice somewhere you want changed, that is very easy to modify your design file with the laser die cutting machine. If you made a steel rule die by manual, and then want to change something, that you mush have to start from the begin. Laser die cutting machine is more saving time.



Laser die cutting machine allows you to make individually customized packages.If you want some special design for your packaging box, or more complex design, it’s very easy achieved with the die board laser die cutting machine. Compare with laser die cutting machine, that might be impossible or very hard to work with hand.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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