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Outsourced laser die cutting machine cost per hour Vs In-House laser die cutting machine prices
By Kerry  2018-10-22
laser die cutting machine,

Is it better to send out the steel rule die work on laser die cutting machine to a manufacturer that specializes in such work and pays the price of a laser die cutting machine ? Or will it spend more money on laser die cutting machines and keep the revenue?


Sounds like a simple question. However, when you do a benefit analysis, things get a little fuzzy in terms of the hourly cost of a laser die cutting machine.


.Laser die cutting machine and laser die cutting machine’s cost per hour

A laser die cutting machine is not cheap, the price rang from 20,000 USD from 200,000 USD. Laser die cutting machine is not the only cost to be considered when figuring out the profits from doing the work in house.


Other factor of laser die cutting machine need to considertion include labor costs to operate the laser die cutting machine,operating costs for power, consumable,mantainence,any other work required by the process and so on.


Also the time, which is very important. Like the hourly wages for wokers, hours spent reparting and maintaing the laser die cutting machine.and for example, it’s easy to konw a steel rule die made by dieshop manuactuer’s laser die cutting machine.they are will give a exact price for a die.

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