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Ordinary challenges you should know about laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-06-22
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Laser die cutting machine offers advantages for labels and packaging printers due to their accuracy, speed, and ability to easily cut unique shapes without the need for special tooling costs. It also allows you to switch jobs without shutting down to replace physical molds. However, as a relatively new technology, laser die cutter may bring various challenges.


Operating speed

How fast is the laser die cutter operating? This is the most common problem, but it is a bit complicated. The 400-Watt laser die cutting machine has an average of 30 meters per minute (about the same speed as a mechanical half-rotator. Its speed depends on the cut The configuration.


Laser maintenance

Periodically charging a sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) laser die cutter helps maintain the laser's 400 watts of power. This is usually done once every 18,000 to 20,000 production hours. Although the laser die cutting machine will not suddenly stop working if it exceeds 20,000 hours, it will slowly lose power and it will no longer be able to operate at 100% of 400 Watts.


Mirror maintenance

Cutting paper, PET and PP materials and various adhesives release smoke and debris in the laser die cutter chamber. These debris can accumulate on the mirror surface of the tantalum coating, redirecting the laser source onto the cutting surface, affecting speed and cutting quality. If residual debris is allowed, it may burn into the mirror and require very expensive repairs. There are two steps that should be done to protect the mirror to maintain optimum speed and cutting quality:


1. Proper ventilation helps keep the laser die cutting machine’s chamber clean and reduces debris accumulation. This can be achieved using a rated fan of 2,500 cfm (cubic feet per minute) through a pressurized laser chamber with a positive air flow. On the side of the laser chamber is an ambient air intake exhaust pipe, and on the other side of the laser die cutter chamber is a forward suction output exhaust pipe which is connected to a suitable blower.


2. The interval between mirror cleaning depends on the number of laser die cutting machine systems you use. As a general rule, the frequency of cleaning depends on the type of material you are running and how often you use the laser die cutter system. Users who use thick adhesives and paper products can clean the mirror daily while others can only clean it once a week. The laser die cutter manufacturer recommends that the amount of cleaning required during installation or annual maintenance inspection.

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