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Ordinary Laser Die Cutting Machine’s Challenges for New Users
By Owen  2018-06-04
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Laser die cutting machine offers advantages for labels and packaging printers due to their accuracy, speed, and ability to easily cut unique shapes without the need for special tooling costs. It also allows you to switch jobs without shutting down to replace physical molds. However, as a relatively new technology, laser die cutter may bring various challenges. Now let's point out the most common issues for new users.


Operating speed

How fast is the laser die cutting machine operating? This is the most common problem, although the simple answer of 80 meters per minute will be very good, but it is a bit complicated. For example, the three 3.5-inch rectangular grids will run faster than the eight 1-inch by 1-inch lengths, so the 400-Watt high-speed scan head has an average of 30 meters per minute, its speed depends on the cut materials’ configuration.


File settings

The files for setting up a laser die cutters are similar to those for setting up a digital printing system; however, there are some specific requirements.

1. A vector file is required. This file can be generated using the software of the laser die cutting machine system. When custom software is integrated into RIP, print files and laser cut files can be generated simultaneously before printing, eliminating several steps. In either case, once the mold production line is determined, the laser die cutter system will convert it to "available laser die-cut file."

2. Make sure that the die cut file is a single line outlining the expected cut pattern, with no dots or lines on a given cut area. Otherwise, the laser will take too much time to cut these areas and burn-through will occur.


Laser maintenance

Periodically charging a sealed CO2 laser die cutter helps maintain the laser's 400 watts of power. This is usually done once every 18,000 to 20,000 production hours. Although the laser will not suddenly stop working if it exceeds 20,000 hours, it will slowly lose power and it will no longer be able to operate at 100% of 400 Watts. The charging process is basically a laser refill, allowing the system to operate the laser at full power. The laser's charge is usually about $1 per hour.

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