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Optical path calibration of laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-11-10
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For a laser die cutter, the method of adjusting and calibrating the optical path is more complicated, but it is not particularly difficult to understand the method. The laser die cutting machine manufacturer requires customers to do this job themselves. The user perform the calibration of the optical path in the presence of the after-sales personnel according to the method he has mastered, so as to achieve the level of complete control, the method of adjusting and calibrating the optical path of the laser die cutting machine. as follows:


1. To ensure that the laser is in a horizontal position, and has a 90 degree angle with the two Y-axis guides (use a square to ensure, you can also take a reference edge to ensure)

2. To ensure that the height of the laser light is consistent with the center height of the 2# mirror

3. Ensure that the laser light exit center is coaxially symmetrical with the center of the 1# mirror. Attach a light-passing paper to the light-receiving hole in the 1# mirror to test that the light-emitting point is not at the center of the light-receiving hole. If not, if not , adjust to this standard.

4. Point out the light, adjust the 2# frame of the 1# mirror frame, so that the laser can strike the center of the 2# lens, and also require the X-axis beam to move to the same position when moving to the near and far distances. .

5. Move the X-axis beam to the center left and right position, point the light out, adjust the 2# frame so that the laser beam enters the center of the 3# mirror, and the light received by the scanning head in the near and far places All coincide at one point.

6. In the absence of the focus mirror, point out the light, adjust the 3 # frame, so that the laser light center and the center of the light guide hole coincide with the focus mirror can be installed,

7. Tighten all the screws and re-detect them. If there is no mistake, the calibration of the optical path of the laser die cutting machine ends here

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