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Optical path adjustment of laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-08-02
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The adjustment of the optical path of the laser die cutter is a basic skill that must be mastered. Only by mastering this basic skill can the laser die cutting machine be operated better and the die board kerf can be cut with good effect. The following is a brief introduction to the adjustment method.

The first step is to open a single laser tube and adjust the output power of laser die cutter  to 8%. The light is emitted on the mirror to see if the position of the light is placed at the center of the mirror. If not, you can fine tune the left and right height knobs in the bracket.

 In the second step, the light is hit on the laser head of laser die cutting machine, that is, the spot that is emitted by the laser focusing lens, to see if the spot position is at the center. If not, tune through the three screw knobs in the mirror of the laser head.

 In the third step, the power of laser die cutter is adjusted to about 40%, and the transparent acrylic plate is used to see the verticality of the light. If it is not vertical, the left and right positions of the bracket on the laser tube can be investigated. The following laser heads are also used this way.

 In the fourth step, the laser head of laser die cutting machine is turned on at the same time, the power is adjusted to 40%, and it is directly on the acrylic transparent plate to see if the position of the two light is on the same line. If not, the horizontal movement of the laser head is directly adjusted. Because the laser head below is fixed. When the two are perpendicular to a line, basically the light path is adjusted. The remaining die board kerf size adjustment is to adjust the focus of the upper and lower laser heads of laser die cutter.

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