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New developed for die making_Auto die sawing machine
By Kerry  2018-12-13
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A cutting tool (steel rule die) is necessary for the creation of custom boxes. The cutting tool is to cut out the exact, complex design,specific shape and dimensions of your packaging.


Steel rule dies are standard in the world of custom boxes: rigid boxes,corrugated boxes,gift box,folding box,color boxes,displays.


Our company developed a new machine for steel rule die making, call Auto CNC die sawing machine. Yisong eco-friendly auto cnc die sawing machine is the automatic processing equipment and without laser. Auto die sawing machine is different from laser die cutting machine. Auto die sawing machine is using the saw blade to cut plywood automatic, and during the working process, there is no smoke and gas will produce.


Auto CNC die sawing machine is driven by 9 imported servo motors in total to control the movements and ensure the high cutting precision and accuracy. Auto die sawing machine can saw-cut 15/18/20 mm plywood die board at one time and the kerf has the advantages of high precision, high verticality and high clamping force.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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