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Multifunctional automatic steel rule blade bender
By Kerry  2018-07-14
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The auto blade bending machine, processing of functions such as fully automatic bending, bridge, lipping, cutting.

1.    The auto blade bending machine: Panasonic Servo motor system + Ball-screw guide rail design, avoiding skidding and error in length.

2.    The auto blade bending machine :Unique imported mould tool design, easy to bend pattern, high precision of size, durable.

3.    The auto blade bending machine: In order guarantee precision and long-life span, transmission and control parts are imported.

4.   The auto blade bending machine: Self-developed latest bending control system, easy to operate and upgrade available.

5.    The steel rule blade bender: Fully English & Chinese interface, easy to learn how to operate, make bending work easy.

6.   The steel rule blade bender: It can be installed soon after bending patterns form the machine, no need extra more hard work.

7.     The steel rule blade bender: Exactly to realize fully automatic bending, help to save plate making time.


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