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Maintenance instructions for keeping laser dies
By Rachel Shieh  2018-05-23
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Laser die cutting machine is in need of maintenance. Safe operation is very important. Laser die cutting machines are very precise devices when handling die plates cutting. The operators must also master the basic operating skills of laser die cutting machine operation. During the operation, a series of inspections are performed on the laser die cutting machine. The daily maintenance and maintenance of the laser dies is also very important.


After each use, some maintenance work is required. This can also prevent the aging of the laser dies. Each laser dies must be tested and repaired every week. A comprehensive inspection must be performed every month or in the first quarter. It is a very effective measure to protect laser dies.



Grasp the following points:


1. After cutting the plastic die board sheet by laser die cutting machine, it is necessary to soak and clean the dust of the plastic die (most of the plastic sheets are washed with a pneumatic gun and loaded on the knife). Actually, before the knife is loaded, the plastic die board needs to be coated with oil on the blade front, so that each knife slit is infiltrated with organic oil. In order to facilitate the installation of the cutting tool, die makers skip this step (because the non-coated oil die slowly starts to rust from the bottom), but some die makers still will apply a layer of engine oil to the surface of the mold that holds the knife, which plays a protective role.


2. During transportation, the steel rule dies needs to be covered with a layer of EVA or a pad knife foam during the handling process, and is glued with a plastic masking tape or tied with a rubber band in the middle, and it is better to use a sealed bag or a foam box before use.

Writing the sealed bag model, size, die production date, the number of punching, customer name and number on the bag which is convenient for storage .


3. After the mold has been finished producing an order (to remove the foam after the knife is used), the laser die must be cleaned first because most of the die-cut material is glued, and it is acidic and corrosive. Anti-rust oil must be sprayed on the laser die, otherwise it will certainly rust.


4. The unused laser die must be maintained periodically. After each cleaning, special anti-rust oil must be sprayed on the die and integrated into the laser die library.


5. The engraving laser die depends on the local environment to spray oil. Usually once a week is needed to keep the laser die from rusting. After that, you need to wrap it with oil paper and put them away.


6. The etched die is recommended to be placed in a plastic bag and a small bag of desiccant is added to the bag;


7. laser dies should be placed on the shelves in a unified manner. They must not be stacked too high or too crowded. There are clear signs and the environment should be ventilated. It should not be affected by dampness. Constant temperature and humidity are the best.

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