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Laser die cutting machine screw and guide rail maintenance
By Esperanza  2018-11-01
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The guide rail and lead screw directly determine the transmission speed and accuracy of the laser die cutting machine. It is the most expensive mechanical component that can be replaced in the equipment for that laser die cutting machine.

Linear guides should pay attention to the following items:

1) Keep the guide rail and its surroundings clean for the laser die cutting machine, even if the dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the guide rail, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide rail.

2) The guide rail should be carefully and carefully used during installation. Strong stamping is not allowed. It is not allowed to directly hit the rail with a hammer for the laser die cutting machine.


3) Use appropriate and accurate installation tools for the guide rails, use special tools as much as possible, and avoid using cloth and short fibers for the laser die cutting mahcine.
4) In order to prevent the corrosion of the guide rail, when taking the guide directly by hand, wash the sweat on the hand and apply it with high-quality mineral oil before handling. In the rainy season and summer, pay special attention to rust prevention for the laser die cutting machine.

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