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Laser die board cutting machine_the characteristics of lens
By Kerry  2018-06-05
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Laser die cutter is very useful in packaging industry, such as corrugated boxed, gift box, puzzle mold and so on. The lens play a important role of laser die board cutting machine.


the characteristics of lens of laser die board cutting machine.There are three kinds of lens commonly used in a laser die board cutting machine: 76.2/100/127. All the three lenses have their own features, and laser die board cutting machine may be cut differently.

Laser die board cutting machine - lens 76.2

This type has a shorter focusing distance. The lens has a shorter focal length which is more sensitive to cutting seams. Adjustment of the upper and lower position of the lens that laser die board cutting machine will change the cutting seam.


Laser die board cutting machine - lens 100

The focal length of 100 is the distance between the focal length of the three lenses. The advantage of this type lens upper and bottom cutting slits are better. It's different from the 76.2 lens, which is only with nice surface, but the bottom are not with a good feature.


Laser die board cutting machine - lens 127

In the three type lenses, 127 lens has a long focal length. Laser die board cutting machine,This type characterized is upper and bottom sides with low error.


Each of these three lenses has its own unique characteristics. The lens of laser die cutter (laser die board cutting machine)It depends on the customer's needs, and then choose one of these types according to the customer's needs. 

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