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Laser die board cutting machine’s History of Development
By Eric  2018-05-07

In the early stage of products, to achieve the purpose of commodity packaging, without considering the appearance of the packaging and the quality of the molding .In recent years, with China's accession to the WTO and the development of economic globalization, consumers’ demands for product packaging have been constantly increasing in the domestic market.

Laser die cutting machine is a device that has only been developed in recent years. The device mainly utilizes the strong energy of the laser to perform high-depth ablation of the steel rule die so as to achieve the purpose of installing a die board.



Laser die board cutting machine compared with the traditional processing technology:


(1)Laser die board cutting machine’s design is simple.The laser die cutter is fully automatic.


(2) Laser die board cutting machine’s error is small. Laser die board cutting machine is different from traditional processing, which will made error by hand.


(3)Laser die board cutting machine works High efficiently.Laser die board cutting machine can be running in 24 hours. Therefore, for the application of laser die board cutting machine can significantly accelerate the development of enterprise and improve economic efficiency.


The workflow of the laser die board cutting machine is: First, the die board to be produced in AUTOCAD or CORELDRAW is designed and then stored as a corresponding graphic format.

The main consumables for making laser steel rule die are die board. The die boardis mainly rubber sheets and wood boards. The tree types normally used for die board are mainly poplar, birch, eucalyptus, and so on. The stability of the die board quality directly affects the laser die board production effect.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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