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Laser die cutting machine circuit maintenance method
By Esperanza  2018-10-26
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The laser power supply and laser tube are the core components of the laser die cutting machine. Just like the engine and gearbox of a car, we understand and familiar with some basic faults and maintenance methods of the laser power supply. It is very important for us to use the laser die cutter with producted by laser die cutting machine. The following methods are applicable to (300-600W laser die cutter power supply applied the laser die cutting machine.

Basic failure of CO2 laser power supply usted in the laser die cutting machine:

1. High-pressure ignition, the high-voltage line joint is too close to the iron shell part for the laser die cutting machine.

2, no light, the fan does not turn. The fuse is broken for the  laser die cutting machine.

3, can be forced to shine, not the motherboard to control the light. The front stage low voltage control part is broken   laser die cutting machine.

4. The current cannot be adjusted, and the current control is partially broken   laser die cutting machine.

5, always burn the fuse, the power tube is short-circuited   laser die cutting machine.

There are several maintenance methods for CO2 laser power supply   laser die cutting machine:

1. Replace the key component method. Generally do not emit light, you can first change the amplification tube, then consider replacing the high voltage package   laser die cutting machine.

2. Voltage detection method   laser die cutting machine.

3. Power-on observation method  laser die cutting machine.

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