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Large scale production_laser die making machine
By Kerry  2018-12-04
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In the packaging industry a company may need to manufacture thousands of the same package everyday. A sample machine or any similar machine will not able to meet such large quantities needs.


When large orders have to be manufactured a laser die cutting machine/automatic die sawing machine are normally used as part of a production line.


Laser die cutting machine and auto die sawing machine are completed use a computer system and CAD software. The different are:

1. laser die cutting machine is no-contact processing way. Auto die sawing machine is contact processing way with the workpices.

2. Laser die cutting machine is using the laser to burn the wooden board. Auto die sawing machine is using the saw blade to cut the wooden, which will leave the wood fiber in the kerf. Has better clamping force.


Steel rule die making is like cookie, this is made up of several hardened steel rule blades. The layout of these steel rule blades match the exact size as the design.


Back in the factory a die cutter is set up. This is made up of several hardened steel blades. The layout of the blades match the exact size as the net. A die cutter is basically a steel stamp that is used to cut and shape the net. It is designed to cut through the card on some lines whilst slightly cutting others (these are the fold lines or crease lines).


Green World Environmentally friendly die

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