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Introduction of chiller machine for laser die cutter
By Owen  2018-09-25
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In recent years, the continuous development and popularization of scientific instruments, all kinds of instrument supporting products have also developed rapidly. The circulating water cooler is one of them. Its function is to bring the heat generated by the laser die cutter through the relatively low temperature water, so that the temperature of the laser die cutting machine is kept at a lower level. At present, circulating water coolers are widely used in laser die cutting machines and other equipment. Compared with tap water cooling, the circulating water cooling method has the advantages of unmatched tap water cooling method, although it has a large one-time investment:


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(1) Circulating water cooling can save a lot of valuable water resources

(2) Circulating water cooling method uses distilled water, no scale is generated in the waterway of the laser die cutter, which can prolong the service life of laser die cutting machine and improve the stability of its measurement.

(3) The circulating water cooling method (cooling type) can arbitrarily adjust the temperature of the cooling water.


With flow protection device, when the water flow is too low, the laser die cutter power supply is automatically disconnected to prevent the laser head from overheating due to lack of water

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