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Introduction and Features of Auto Steel Rule Blade Bender Machine
By Kerry  2018-08-24
steel rule blade bender machine,

Auto steel rule blade bender: accurate, automated, high performacne, recommended for high efficiency cutting dies, sticker, label dies, etc.


Auto steel rule blade bender can according to different set of tools for bending rule types ranging from height 8mm-30mm, thickness from 0.4mm-1.07mm.


An auto steel rule blade bender machine processing are automatic lipping, cutting, bridging, flat cutting and so on functions, providing full automatic solution.


Auto steel rule blade bender machine are high precision and high stability.


Steel rule blade bender machine lip size can be adjusted. Multiple rule positioning units which reduced jamming error from bridge and backward straight cut and lipper cut.


Steel rule blade bender machine has self-developed updated automatic bending control system with powerful function.


The steel rule auto blade bender machine takes imported steel for bending mould which is tough, high strength and durable


Auto steel rule bender machine with multi-language interface, whcih is very easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to opreation.


Steel rule blade bender machine’s control system can support vairous of file format, such as: AI, NC, DXF and more.


Box, Carton, flower,doll,bag and so on all can processing by an auto steel rule blade bender machine


Auto steel rule blade bender machine, fully automated bending which is time and labor cost saving.

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