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Introduction of the scope of use for the steel bending machine
By Esperanza  2018-09-22
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1: The steel  bending machine is used for a variety of lasers and hand-made plates for color boxes, wine boxes, cigarette cases, and complicated cutters.

2: The steel  bending machine is used in printing and packaging industry, laser die, doll, plastic knife die, manual die cutter factory.

adapt to the tool

(1) Thickness: 0.45-1.07mm Height: 8.0-24 mm(for the steel bending machine)

(2) Thickness: 0.45-1.42mm Height: 8.0-32 mm(for the steel bending machine)

3: First bend and then cut, so that the shear surface is flat, no burrs, greatly improve the accuracy of the die.(for the steel bending machine)

4:Two-way movable cutter head, which can be used to feed the cutters in two different directions, counterclockwise and clockwise.(for the steel bending machine)

5:Fully automatic bridge device, arbitrarily set the bridge width.(for the steel bending machine)

5: External precision olecranon cutting, can do seamless work, accurate and fast.(for the steel bending machine)

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