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How to preserve laser die cutting machine's laser tube
By Rachel Shieh  2018-06-02
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The laser tube of the laser die cutting machine is a vacuum device. The gas-tightness of the laser tube of the laser die cutting machine plays a crucial role for the performance and life of the laser die cutting machine. To ensure proper storage and maintenance in addition to the special requirements of the production process is very necessary.

How to preserve laser die cutting machine’s laser tube? There are some conditions as below.


1. storage humidity: 30-60%

2. storage temperature: 10-45 °C

3.good ventilation, dust

4. avoid direct sunlight

5. It is forbidden to store radioactive and volatile substances at the same time.

6. stacking height of small packages not more than 9 layers, the whole box packaging shall not be greater than 3 layers.

7. to avoid heavy objects falling impact.

8. avoid flooding


Laser die cutting machine’s laser tube maintenance when it is not working.


1. It is normal for the laser tube to attenuate 5% of energy every year.

2. The laser tube does not work for a long time must be ignited once every one month.

3.laser tube output lens as much as possible with moisture-proof, dust-proof objects sheltered.

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