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How to deal with the laser tube of the laser die cutter when get polluted ?
By Owen  2018-09-28
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After the laser tube of laser die cutter is operated for a period of time, a large amount of dirt adheres to the wall of the water tube of the laser tube and the water-passing water pipe on laser die cutting machine. The adhesion of these dirt to the pipe wall affects the cooling water to take away the temperature inside the laser tube, causing the laser die cutter spot to be affected, and even causing the laser tube to burst in severe cases.


If the inner wall of your laser tube is on laser die cutting machine contaminated, please clean it as follows:


1. Ensure that the positive and negative wires of the laser tube and the cooling water inlet and outlet pipes are removed when the laser die cutter power is off.


2. Drain the cooling water in the water-cooled tube of the laser tube, and seal the output end of the laser tube with a tape to avoid water contaminating the output lens of laser die cutting machine.


3. Debug the hydrofluoric acid solution, adjust the ratio of 1:1000 (hydrofluoric acid: water), and inject the debugged aqueous solution (or use the glass cleaning agent) into the laser tube cooling tube on laser die cutter.


4. Place the flat surface for 30 minutes, shake it evenly after being placed, and shake it to release the aqueous solution.


5. After venting, rinse with plenty of water to avoid residual corrosion of the glass.


6. After cleaning, use the water absorbing material to erase the residual liquid outside the tube wall, the light exit port and the high pressure end. Take care to avoid damaging the laser tube electrode column of laser die cutting machine.


7. Remove the sealing tape at the output end of the laser tube to ensure that there is no contamination of the lens, or after shielding the lens, install the laser tube on laser die cutter.

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