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How to Make Right Decision on Rotary Die Choosing
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-09
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How to Make Right Decision on Rotary Die Choosing

Let’s learn the broad definition of die cutting first and then discuss the advantages of the different types of rotary dies.


What is die cutting?


The die cutting process involves using a tool to cut the materials into specific shapes according to different designs. These materials can be different according to different products, such as film, paper, cardboard, Corrugated board etc.


Die cutting can be finished with Flatbed die or rotary die. Rotary die has a higher efficiency than flatbed die and can cut more. When rotary die is not feasible to cut the material, you can only choose flatbed die to finish the die cutting process.


The different between Flexible Rotary die and Solid Rotary Die


A flexible rotary die is is made of a thin sheet of steel, and folds around a magnetic cylinder.

A solid die is a solid steel cylinder, and is traditionally used in more long run applications for extended die life.


The Benefits of Flexible Rotary Die


  • Flexible Rotary Die is more cost-saving.

  • Flexible Rotary Dies take shorter time to be made and can make fast delivery come true.

  • Flexible Rotary Dies can be durable

  • Flexible Rotary Dies can handle lots of materials.

  • Flexible Rotary Dies require less storage and floor space


The advantages of Solid Rotary Die


  • Solid rotary dies have better performance on material handling and waste stripping.

  • Solid rotary dies can handle more complicated and difficult materials.

  • Solid rotary dies can have a long lifespan.


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