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How often does the chiller of laser die cutter change water?
By Owen  2018-11-13
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The water change of the chiller from the laser die cutting machine, is mainly determined according to the operating environment and water quality.


1. High quality environment for half a year to change water for laser die cutter

Under normal circumstances, in high-quality environments, such as laboratories or independent air-conditioned rooms, the circulating water of the chiller on laser die cutting machine can be changed every six months or once a year.


2. Low-quality environment for one month or one and a half months to change water


If laser die cutter is in a harsh environment, such as a general factory environment, smoke and dust are more likely to be contaminated by the external environment, it is recommended to change the water once a month or once a month and a half. Or add a special anti-scaling agent to reduce scale formation and prevent water blockage.


Proper water change cleaning and maintenance can extend the service life of industrial chillers on laser die cutting machine and prevent various types of failures from affecting the safe operation of industrial chillers. The specific time for the comprehensive cleaning of the industrial chiller needs to be determined according to the environment used by the user.

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