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How carbonized layers on the die affects the die's lifespan?
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-19
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As we all know, laser die cutting machine is a popular option for die making among all die making machines. Laser die cutting machine is fast, high-efficiency and also can handle other jobs. Laser die cutting machine helps die makers grow their business and gain more competitive edges.


But did you ever thought the carbonized layers on the die which are produced by laser die cutting machine would have bad effect on die’s lifespan? Laser die cutting machine uses laser beam to cut the die, and laser beam is a hot processing way, which means laser die cutting machine burns die and carbonized surfaces will be caused.

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Carbonized layers are not fixed on the wood, and it is easy to get dropped from the die. After laser die cutting machine has finished the cutting process, die makers needs to insert the steel rule die to the laser die kerf. In the beginning, the blade is tightly installed. It seems that everything is going well.


After a period time of using, you might find the blades get loose and the cutting is not high accuracy any more.


Why would the blades get loose and even drop out easily?


Because when carbonized layers get drooped from the die, there is no more things to squeeze the gap in the die. Die cutting process is a high speed process and it has lots of pressure, carbonized layers would drop.

Laser die made by laser die cutting machine also has another problem caused by carbonized layers---blades get rusted easily.


Laser die cutting machine cuts the die, and produce dense smoke. When laser die cutting machine cuts plastic die, even toxic air will be generated.


The carbonized layers, dense smoke and toxic air will not only rust the blade, but also rust the metal parts on laser die cutting machine which affects the machine’s and die’s lifespan.


Laser die cutting machine indeed improves work efficiency and grow die makers’ business. But it also brings other problems that can’t be avoided.


Yisong High Technology has the solution for all these problems. No dense smoke, no carbonized layers, no toxic air. It is a real environmentally friendly machine which in my opinion is better than laser die cutting machine.


If you need more information about our automatic die sawing machine, please go to products page to learn more.


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