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High-power laser die cutting machine (axis fast flow) operation precautions
By Owen  2018-11-20
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1. The operator is strictly forbidden to leave the work position when the laser die cutter is running, so as to avoid fire.


2. The laser die cutting machine should be operated for a long time. The operator should always check whether there is water leakage or condensation in the water pipe inside the laser; whether the vacuum pump or Roots pump oil level is normal.


3. The air compression and oil-water filters must be turned on before operating the laser die cutter to avoid contamination of the condenser and the laser cutting quality.


4. Air compressor needs to drain every day (dryer general pressure pump automatic drainage)


5. Check the chilled water level to meet the standard every day, and deal with it if there is any problem.


6. Before operating the laser die cutting machine, check whether the graphics are well-positioned and the outer frame is well-positioned. The starting point of the puzzle should be accurate. So as not to damage the laser head, affecting normal production.


7. The screw guide on the screw guide of the laser die cutter tool and the cutting head should be refueled at least once a month.


8. The chiller filter is cleaned at least once a month.


9. The laser should be placed in an air-conditioned room, the air conditioner should be turned on when the laser die cutting machine is running, and the laser room should be kept clean. Otherwise it will affect the quality of the laser.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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