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Flat laser die cutter & Rotary laser die cutter
By Kerry  2018-09-21
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Laser die cutters are divided into three major branches:

Flat laser die cutter

Rotary laser die cutter

Flat&Rotary laser die cutter


Laser cutting dies are divided into two major branches:


1) Flat laser die cutter-laser cutting flat die

2) Rotary laser die cutter -laser cutting rotary die


Flat die made by flat laser die cutter, the falt die is made of birch wood, which is usually 15mm and 18mm, the plywood must take into account tolerance interm of thickness and flatness, otherwise will produce problems with die cutting process.


Laser die cutter follows strict accuracy rules and is related to the laser-cut channel width with an accuracy of 0.45(1 ponits) ,0.71 mm (2 points) or 1.05 mm (3 points).


Laser cutting rotary die made by rotary laser die cutter

The rotary die is typically obtained from a 13 mm poplar board having a diameter in the range of 176-800 mm.


As is the case with flat dies, even for rotary dies, certain strict flatness and thickness rules must be observed. The cut is usually 1.42 mm (4 points) wide.


Rotary Laser die cutter of the rotating mold begins with off-line assembly outside the machine by screwing the wooden support into the lower cavity of the rotating housing and then housing it in the rotating housing.


The tool changer is then used to mount the milling head so that special grooves can be milled, which is essential for assembling additional supports for die cutting dies.

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