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Factors that matter for laser die cutting machine's cutting quality
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-26
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Laser die cutting quality mainly include the level of dimensional accuracy and cutting surface quality. For laser die cutting machine, the general quality of the cut surface accuracy mainly are as below: ① kerf width and kerf surface roughness; ② heat affected zone width; ③ kerf verticality ④ cut section has rough edge or not.  


Below you will find the main factors that affects laser die cutting machine’s cutting quality.


1. Fact one: laser beam quality. laser beam quality on laser die cutting machine should be high and stable. Laser die cutting machine cuts the die based on thermal effects. To get a fine cut, focused spot diameter should be small so that the heat on laser die cutting machine can be focused. What is more, when laser die cutting machine cuts in different directions, the laser beam’s consistency should be stable. Laser die cutting machine should have good rotation symmetry and high emission direction stability. consistency in the quality of the laser beam in different directions when cutting should have good     


2. Fact two: material quality. For laser die cutting machine, the material thickness, the depth of laser beam focus and the focal length will also affect the cutting quality. Focal length should be small. Focal spot position should be close to the surface, generally the focus falls on the surface of the sheet so that about 1/3 of the thickness of the bias.


3. Fact three: gas pressure and airflow. Laser die cutting machine applies airflow to blow away the molten surface  material. The gas pressure and flow are important factors to affect cutting quality on laser die cutting machine. If the pressure is low, Molten materials can’t be blew away. If it is too high, it is easy to get a vortex in the surface, but weaken the role of the air flow to remove the molten material.


4. Fact four: laser die cutting machine’s cutting speed. To ensure a good cutting quality, laser die cutting machine’s cutting speed should be in a reasonable range. If the cutting speed is too high, the die cutting might be too over-cut. If cutting speed is too slow, die board might get burnt which will cause large incision width and heat affected zone.


5. Fact five: laser die cutting machine’s cutting routines.An unreasonable cutting routines is easy to get overheat and melt the die. 

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