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Disadvantages of laser die cutting machine
By Kerry  2018-10-17
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There are many materials that can be cut by the steel rule die_ laser die cutting machine. The most common are: boxes, corrugated, foam. gaskets, leather good, tape, etc. There are more.


Laser die cutting machine is a powerful and useful tool for steel rule die making, but also has some advantages.


Disadvantages of the laser die cutting machine:


Laser die cutting machine with high consumption, which needs laser lens, laser tube.


Laser die cutting machine configuration is complex,while there will be seven parts for laser die board machine: CNC machine tool, laser generator, power, laser control system, gas supply system, cooling system, air compressor. The laser die cutting machine is a huge project for installation. with the complex device. maintenance and maintenance costs are too high.


Laser die cutting machine efficiency and power consumption depend on the type of component that needs to be performed and the nature of the laser. Laser die cutting machines generally have high energy consumption.


Laser die cutting machine is fast, but it depends. High power laser die cutting machine with a high working efficient, low power laser die cutting machine cutting speed is slower. and laser die cutting machine cutting speed also depends on the type of cutting material use/ the workpiece thickness.


Laser die cutting machine will produce smoke during the working processing, because it’s using the laser to burn the wooden board. And especially for plastic board cutting, the toxic air will produce.


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