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Different Materials that Environmentally Friendly Die Board Sawing Machine Can Handle
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-02
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For different die, different materials are needed, such as wood, PVC, Plastic, metal and so on. Yisong Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine can handle different materials.

If you use laser die board cutting machine to cut die board, dense smoke would be generated. For plastic die processing, even toxic and harmful air will be made which is not good for environment protection and people’s health.


Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine won’t have such problems. It is automatic die board sawing machine which uses die board saw system to ensure the processing to go smoothly and no dense smoke would be produced.


Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine can handle all kinds of materials. Please check below die board pics.

grey back groud-die pics.jpg

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