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Difference between computerized steel rule die bender and manual steel rule die bender.
By Rachel Shieh  2018-06-06
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Steel rule die bender is used for steel rule die bending. It works according to the designs. Steel rule die bender is very critical for die making. Normally there are 2 types of steel rule die bender on the market now, one is manual steel rule die bender, another one is computerized automatic steel rule die bender.


Below you will find the differences between manual steel rule die bender and automatic steel rule die bender.


Features of manual steel rule die bender.


1. used for die cutting blade’s bending and forming.

2. High locating accuracy, can make long die.

3. Good locking strength, high bending accuracy.

4. Comes with 36 set of mould, easy to use.


 Features of automatic steel rule die bender.


1. can be widely applied in electronic product factories, printing and packaging factories and die making shops.

2. Supporting DXF、DWG、AI、CDR file format.

3. Windows computer system, easy to learn.

4. Double bending system.

5. Servo system and screw rod guide rail,higher feeding precision.

6. Bridging hole positioning function, can be very suitable for doll’s die making.


Automatic steel rule die bender is more suitable for green-hand workers, and it is easier to learn.

Manual steel rule die bender has a better positioning accuracy.

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