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Die board industry prospects
By Eric  2018-05-11
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Die board counterparts and friends all know that it is now profitable to make handmade die board processing plants. The die board master is difficult to find. Workers have high wages, inaccurate die board, and the processing efficiency is extremely low. The customer source cannot be expanded due to market conditions. Forced by the form, laser die board cutting machine has become one of the necessary equipments for the die board processing factory. The laser die board cutting machine has strong stability, good machine quality and timely after-sales service. Each part of the laser die board cutting machine’s panel is in every step. Measure one by one to ensure the accuracy of the laser die board cutting machine, and the high configuration of the laser die board cutting machine also allows the machine to cut the board, the speed is faster and better.


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 How to choose a laser die cutter suitable for using, and the laser die cutter has good quality, considerate service and high cost performance. Compared with the traditional processing technology, laser die cutter has the following advantages:


(1) The laser die cutting machine has a simple design: the traditional processing is to draw a pencil or ballpoint pen on the knife template, and then use a hand sawing machine to saw the seam on the wood; and after using the laser die cutting machine, the design can be directly in the computer It does not require manual design.

(2) Small error of laser die cutting machine: In the traditional manufacturing, the die board is sawed by a saw machine. In the process of moving, it will easily cause errors due to misalignment; while the laser die cutting machine is fully automatic, non-contact type. No manual intervention is required.

(3) High efficiency of laser die cutting machine: traditional hand-made die board is slow, and laser die cutting machines are fast and can work 24 hours. Therefore, the use of laser knife die cutting machine can greatly speed up the production time of the die board.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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