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Simple configuration of Yisong die board sawing machine, cost edges over laser die cutting machine
By Owen Time:2019-01-16 Read: 1980
Laser die cutting technology is being mature and widely used all over the world. After almost 30 years’ development, Laser die cutting changed the industries, brought forth good result on automation and high precision and accelerated industries’ development.


Except for the non-environmental processing way by laser beam, laser die cutter processed by laser die cutting machine owns not high cutting precision, kerf not vertical. There is another problem existed in laser cutting, that is the much expensive processing cost.


As large-power laser die cutting machine has a complex machine configuration, it results in its expensive processing cost. There are mainly seven parts for laser die cutting machine system: cutting table, laser generator, cooling system, gas, air freeze-drying machine, air compressor, UPS.


Meanwhile, sometimes it’s not easy to purchase special gas, machine has to stop working if not sufficient gas supply. With the aging of the laser die cutting machine parts, such as laser generator, laser tube, the output power will not be stable enough, which caused non-vertical kerf on laser die cutter and less accurate kerf cutting precision.


By the way, it’s not easy for laser die cutting machine factory to pay for the cost of maintenance & repair. This cost will definitely indirectly pass to the customers.


Compared with laser die cutting machine, Yisong die board sawing machine owns a simple configuration, only consists of CNC sawing table and air compressor, much lower cost for maintenance & repair.


Saw blade is the only consumables, cheap price and easy to get replaced. The electricity consumption is less than 1/10 of laser die cutting machine, the overall processing cost is less than 1/5.
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