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Commonly used process model of laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-05-28
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Today laser die cutting machine has been widely used in die board industries. There are several commonly-used process model for it as below. 

1. Oxidative melting cutting

Melting cutting for laser die cutter generally use inert gas, if using oxygen or other reactive gas, the material is ignited under the irradiation of the laser beam of laser die cutting machine, and a fierce chemical reaction with oxygen generates another heat source, known as oxidation melting Cutting.

2. Control of fracture cutting.

For brittle materials that are easily destroyed by heat, high-speed and controlled laser beam heated cutting of laser die cutter is called controlled fracture cutting. The main content of this cutting process is that the laser beam heats the small area of the brittle material, causing a large thermal gradient and severe mechanical deformation in the area, resulting in cracks in the material. As long as a uniform heating gradient is maintained, the laser beam from laser die cutting machine can guide the cracks in any desired direction.

3. Vaporization cutting

Under the heating of the high power density laser beam from laser die cutter, the surface temperature of the material rises to the boiling point temperature is very fast enough to avoid the melting caused by heat conduction, so some of the material vaporizes into vapor disappears, some of the material as the ejection from the cut. The bottom of the seam is blown away by the auxiliary gas flow.

4. Melt cutting

When the power density of the incident laser beam from laser die cutter exceeds a certain value, the material inside the beam irradiation point begins to evaporate, forming a hole. Once this pinhole is formed, it will absorb all incident beam energy as a black body. The apertures are surrounded by a molten metal wall, and then an auxiliary airflow coaxial with the beam carries away the molten material around the apertures. As the workpiece moves, the small holes are traversed synchronously in the cutting direction to form a slit. The laser beam from laser die cutting machine continues to shine along the front edge of this seam, and the molten material is blown away from the seam continuously or pulsatilely.

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