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Choosing Right: Laser Die cutter Vs. Rotary Laser Die Cutter
By Kerry  2018-06-08
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In the laser die board cutting machine vs. Laser rotary die board cutting . Lets take a closer look at whats right for your laser die board cutting machine.


What is laser die board cutting or what is laser die cutter.

Laser die board cutting machine involves using a high-speed laser to cut through material. Laser die board cutting machine can be used to make a variety of cuts and do not require any contact with the material. 


So what are the advantages of flat laser die board cutting machine over rotary laser die cutter?


. Complex design:  it will have some complex design cut which it would be difficult for a traditional rotary laser die cutter.


Variety of materials:There are a wide range of lasers so they can match up with a variety of materials.


Maintenance charges. A rotary laser die cutter can be less expensive to buy, but it will need to be sharpened and replaced. A flat laser die cutter will remaining significantly longer.


Storage: Rotary dies are heavy and require racks. It will definitely take up space and you’ll need to allocate time to organize the storage.

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