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Boxes production
By Kerry  2018-09-26
laser die cutting machine, Auto steel blade bender,

1. Laser die cutting machine or jigsaw machine

2. Auto Steel blade bender or manual bender

3. Auto die cutting machine or manual die cutter


Laser die cutting machine, it’s the processing of cutting the plywood board that using high-power laser beam, and directed by CNC system.

The die cutting machine is one of the most commonly used devices in every carton factory. Same as laser die cutting machine. As you know, a carton can be produced with vairous machine, but some boxes should only be produced with a die cutting machine.


There are so many cartons and boxes produced with a laser die cutting machine and die cutting machine.

Making pizza boxes

Frutit carton boxes

Gererate medicine box

Shoe box production

Carboard production


Laser Die cutting machine’s features of easy operating, reliability, high speed, press and precision.


Auto steel blade bender blade thickness can be 0.45-0.71-1.05mm

Auto steel blade bender blade height 8 from 32mm

Auto steel blade bender maximum bending angel:110mm

Auto steel blade bender Minimum bending radius of 90 degrees:0.15mm

Auto steel blade bender minimum bending size of the front:1.5mm

Auto steel blade bender minimum bending size of the rear:0.5mm

Auto steel blade bender bending flatmess:0.2/100mm

Auto steel blade bender cutting mode: automaci cut-off or swing(automatic indentification alarm and self ger motor drive full power

Auto steel blade bender lipping: manual or automatic

Auto steel blade bender files format: DXF,DWF,AI,CDR,PLT

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