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Benefits Can Get From Auto die sawing machine
By kerry  2018-12-25
auto die sawing machine,

How can printing&packaging company can get benefits from auto die sawing machine.


Auto die sawing machine’s cutting tool are both lock on the top and bottom. The die made by auto die sawing machine precision is higher, so that the quality of printing&packaging product can be higher.


Auto die sawing machine is using the saw blade to cut the wooden, which is cold processing way. The cutting blade is more anti-rust and can be stocked for a long time.


Auto die sawing will leave wooden fiber on the kerf wall. It’s better for the clamping forces.
And the blade of die board is replaceable, which is suitable for big quantity and long-term orders.


Auto die sawing machine process die board with clean and tidy appearance, easy to classified,preserved and found according to the file number on the edge of the die board.


Also, the printing&packaging factory can build up their own die board making workshop,and the environmental problem of the laser die board can be avoided.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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