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Automatic steel rule blade blade bending machine
By Kerry  2018-06-15
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1. Automatic steel rule blade bending machine is for color box, wine box, cigarette box,cosmetic box,pharmaceutical box and other complex design die board cutting.

2. Automatic steel rule blade bending machine widely used in printing&packaging industry, laser die board factory and manual die making factory.

3. Automatic steel rule blade bending machine features: high precision, fast, no material waster.

4. Steel rule blade bender is suit fro box die,electronic die,crafts die,blister die,label die,acrylic die,shoes die and so on.

5. Automatic steel rule blade bender function: rule in straight,rule in coil; automatic feeding,bending,double side broaching, bridging,twisting off; automatic front&back lipping, cutting.

6. Automatic steel rule blade bender bending simulation function which you can know the results before you action. And bending tracking function, which work in processing at a glance.

7. Full automatic steel rule blade bending machines’ adapt to tools

(1) Thickness: 0.45-1.07mm Height: 8.0-24 mm

(2) Thickness: 0.45-1.42mm Height: 8.0-32 mm

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