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Automatic steel rule blade bending machine and manual steel rule blade bender
By Kerry  2018-06-12
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Automatic steel rule blade bender control system is powerful and easy to operate. It not only support the DXF format of the auto-cad software, but also can independently support the all format of  the CORELDRAW and ILLUSTRATOR software.


In the past of years, when the automatic steel rule blade bending machine has not entered the market, most of die making shops are rely on manual steel rule blade bending machine to complete their job, all depends on die-maker experience, and which is waste time and will make error. But the automatic steel rule blade bender completely solve manual blade bending machine’s problem.


The manual steel rule blade bender all depend on die maker’s experience, and not only consume a lot of manpower and material resources, but also the working efficiency is very slow and cannot ensure the steel rule precision.


The automatic tool bending machine is not only faster than manual steel rule bender bending, but also with high quality, high precision, and cost-saving and money-saving.


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