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Automatic rule bender operation details in hot weather
By Eric  2018-05-19
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Go out for 5 minutes and sweat for 2 hours.

At present, the temperatures around the country are about to enter the hot weather. For the automatic rule bender that work 24 hours a day, they must also pay attention to cooling and heat.

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We know that high-temperature work is much less effective for people, and the efficiency of work is greatly reduced. Not to mention the automatic steel rule die bender, then the automatic steel rule die bender will work under hot weather and it will certainly increase its temperature. Then, the automatic steel rule die bender will be opened as far as possible in the conditional factory. Air-conditioning or large-discharge fan, ventilation and heat fast, conditions are not allowed, you can open the automatic steel rule die bender at the front and rear chassis door, open the computer host dust door. At the same time, it is also possible to use a fan to face the motor and driver, slightly lowering the working temperature of the automatic steel rule die bender.

High temperatures can easily lead to the failure of the circuit of the blade bending machine, and the circuit alarms. In particular, the heat dissipation of the motor is not good, and the service life of the blade bending machine can also be reduced. In order to allow your blade bending machine to be more stable and orderly, the machete machine must pay attention to the blade bending machine.

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