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Application of laser die board cutting machine in box packaging industry
By Eric  2018-05-09
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     The laser die board cutting machine has been developed in recent years. The high thermal energy of the laser is used to perform high-depth ablation of the die cutting board to form a knife slit, which has the slitting alignment, uniform slit width, fully automated operation, fast delivery, high efficiency and low cost. The characteristic of the laser die board cutting machine is the best choice for the replacement of manual production of precision cutting board.

     Die cutting is the cutting process before the box packaging box is formed, that is, the packaging box, packaging box or other sheet products to be die-cut in accordance with the product graphics made into a thin blade of the die cutting blade, the die cutting blade Into the laser die board cutting machine, the product sheet is pressed under pressure to remove excess portions and bend the line segments to form a shaped billet for the packaging box or box, or a sheet-shaped molded product.


     The unique and unique color box packaging will make moon cakes add a bit of taste, which will lead to an increase in sales volume. The excellent color box packaging design will depend on an advanced laser die board cutting machine. The laser die cutter is equipped with precision CNC machine tools and a high rigidity frame structure body. The laser die cutting machine has good overall rigidity, stability and dynamic performance. The laser die cutting machine can increase working efficiency by several to ten times compare to the hand-made board. Laser die cutting machine For the special-shaped plate, multi-joint board and die-cutting board without noise on both sides, the cumulative error of laser die cutting machine is small, and the finished product is very exquisite; when the laser die cutting machine needs a plurality of identical die-cutting board for mass production, only Call out the program and then cut it. This repeated processing is not possible with the traditional process.

     The laser die cutting machine is equipped with laser, precision machinery, computer control and other technologies to process die-cutting and pressing board. The operation is relatively simple, as long as the pattern of the product to be die-cut, cardboard thick bottom and other parameters entered into the computer, you can control the bottom plate production. The laser die cutting machine has many design styles and short production cycle. It can easily design a variety of patterns and modify the design at any time. The laser die cutting machine saves more time in the design and mass production of the color box packaging industry and achieves the maximum profit in the shortest time. Therefore, the laser die cutting machine has a very large potential for development and will also bring new opportunities for the development of the color box packaging industry.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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