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Application of computer bending machine and laser die cutting machine in the die industry
By Esperanza  2018-12-08
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In view of the current situation of difficult recruitment, difficult management and increasing labor costs in the die-cutting industry, it is an inevitable trend to invest in computer bending machines and laser die cutting machine in production. Fully automated, mechanized production reduces manual investment and ease of management, while at the same time raising corporate image and productivity to a higher level for the laser die cutting machine and  automatic bending machine.

The following is a brief introduction to the application of computer bending machine and laser die cutting machine in the die industry, which is also equivalent to the process of die making:

1. Receve the customer's sample, and the designer carefully listens to the customer's request.

2. According to the requirements of the product design drawing, first draw the cutting path and typesetting on the computer.

3. After the graphic is confirmed, the laser die cutting machine and the computer bending machine can be turned on at the same time for the laser die cutting machine and bending machine. Of course, the two work can also be carried out separately. At the same time, it is to show that an operator can operate and control two machines at the same time, saving Die making time to improve production efficiency. The laser die cutting machine is used to cut the path of the knife required to place the blade template, and the computer bending machine is used to bend the required shape of the knife, and the dimensions are matched to each other to achieve just the right amount. Both devices are computer controlled, fast and time consuming, and can increase the efficiency by several times to ten times compared to manual tooling of the laser  die cutting machine

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