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Advantages of the steel bending machine
By Esperanza  2018-09-19
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1. The control system of the steel bending machine is powerful and easy to operate. It not only supports the DXF format of AUTOCAD software for the steel bending rule machine , but also supports the *AI format of CORELDRAW and ILLUSTRATOR software independently. It does not need to use the CAD software to re-sculpt the curved knife, which saves time and improves efficiency of the steel bending machine.

2. The feeding part of the blade of the computer of the steel bending machine adopts the method of continuous feeding of the full-closed control roller, the size for th steel bendin machine is accurate and error-free, and the product repeatability is good, making the operation more safe and reliable.


3. The bent part of the computer of the steel bending machine adopts the Japanese imported servo motor and the imported mold steel bending mold of the steel bending machine. When making complex patterns such as fine box mold, cartoon mold, doll mold and wave line, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the precision is in place.

4.The automatic steel bending machine can be used as six artificial masters, greatly improving the work efficiency of the steel bending machine, reducing the cost of factory management, and getting rid of the dependence on the artificially difficult tool for the steel bendig machine.


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