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Advantage of the die board laser die cutting machine
By Kerry  2018-07-19
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There are quite a few advantages to laser cutters vs traditional processing way. This technology has become an essential part of manufacturing process, for printing&packaging market.

Laser die cutter has the following advantages:


  1. Laser die cutter is easy to keep the work-piece in the right position.

  2. Laser die cutter is control by computer system, that make it very precision. And make better work than traditional work.

  3. Laser die cutter with high processing speed

  4. Laser die cutter has high accuracy, up to 0.01mm

  5. Laser die cutter with excellent cut quality

  6. Laser die cutter is can to cut small holes, beveled part and complex shapes/design also.

  7. Laser die cutter can deal with small kerf

  8. Laser die cutter can cut many types of material, plywood, MDF board, PVC board and etc.

  9. Laser die cutter is easy and fast control of the laser power over a wide rang(1-100%) enables a power reduction on tight or narrow curves

  10. Laser die cutter use laser to cut the material, no contact between the material and machining tool(focusing head)

  11. Because the die board laser cutting machine does not need human intervention, except for inspections and repairs, the frequency of accidents is very low.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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