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4 Tips For Steel Rule Die Maintenance
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-09
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Accurate steel rule die is essential in products cutting quality. If your steel rule die is not right, the quality of your product will be get affected as well.Normally steel rule die tool for printing and packaging is still the punch and die. This time we are going to discuss  steel rule die maintenance. The  steel rule die tool consists of die cutting blade and the solid die board.

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Here are four ways you can extend the life of your steel rule and decrease your down time:


Practice steel rule die tool preventative maintenance- Examine your steel rule die tool as often as possible. Many times the stripper rubber on one side of the tool will wear faster than the other, causing sagging, which results in uneven steel rule die. If you recognize these signs of wear early, you can extend the life of the rule.


Commodore Steel Rule steel rule die Tool in progress


Replace in fitted pieces-If you fit your steel rule to the steel rule die cavity using two or three pieces, it will be easier and more efficient to replace small pieces rather than the whole cavity. Since each piece requires bending, you can reduce your labor costs by using the smaller pieces.


Set the "clock" on your bender- When preparing your steel rule die bender, position your tightener at the 12 o'clock position when the steel rule die bender gap is closed. This allows you to make changes in measurements using the positions of the "clock" for setting the correct gap. When preparing to start steel rule die bending, we recommend that you cut several small sample pieces to ensure the bend is correct before your move on to the final rule for your tool.


Steel Rule Die Bender


File sparingly-Although filing the teeth can be done to repair mildly damaged rule, it is not always time efficient. Filing will also reduce the usefulness of your tool, if you can replace we advocate for that first, but we understand that time is always a limiting factor.


With these 4 tips, your steel rule die tool that will result in longer up times and reduced maintenance costs.


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