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Important suggestions when operating a laser die cutting machine
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-26
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With the development of numerical control technology, machine tools and other mechanical industries, the application of laser die cutting machines is becoming more and more widespread. Therefore, it is very important to understand the operation and application methods of laser die cutting machine, and it is particularly important for the safe production of laser die cutter.


1. As with other CNC machine tools, to operate laser die cutting machine, operator must wear labor protection products before operation.

2. Operators must undergo strict training before they can take up posts. Those who are not familiar with the operation of the laser die cutting machine must not be on duty.

3. strictly in accordance with the laser die cutting machine operating specifications.

4. always check the circuit on laser die cutter to ensure that the circuit is normal, to avoid accidents caused by leakage.

5. Laser die cutting machine cannot be used for materials that cannot use laser die cutter.

6. Pay attention to ventilation and ventilation of the factory.

7. if the laser die cutter encounters failure, do not arbitrarily repair, must ask for help from special maintenance personnel.

8. keep laser die cutting machine clean and sanitary.

9. After laser die cutter is used, all power must be turned off and the workplace must be cleaned. Product materials are neatly arranged.

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