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Yisong Die Board Sawing Machine will be exhibited in "2018 Sino Corrugated South"
By Rachel Shieh Time:2018-03-31 Read: 1679
Yisong Environmentally Friendly Die Board Sawing Machine will participate in the “2018 Sino Corrugated South Exhibition” on April 10, 2018, again demonstrating the replacement of the die board laser cutting machine without the laser processing. At the same time, the show will also exhibit die board laser cutting machines, computerized steel rule bending machine, and flat-die ratory-die laser cutting machines.


Yisong High Technology first time showed environmentally friendly die board sawing machine during “2018 Printing South China” on March 10 ~12 2018. Yisong environmentally friendly die board sawing machine competed with the most competitive die board processing equipment from China. Although various die processing equipment were exhibited at this exhibition, including die board laser cutting machine, computerized steel rule bending machine, flat die round die laser cutters, etc.


The unique processing technology creatively solves the three major problems: 

1. Laser die board cutting machine is thermal processing, generates a large number of harmful smoke, causing environmental pollution problems;

2. Laser die board has the problem that the knife joint is not perpendicular, the clamping degree of the knife joint is not high, and the problems such as “bell mouth” and “carbonized layer” in the knife kerf cannot be completely solved;

3. die board laser cutting machine uses a large amount of gas, electricity, laser tubes, lenses and other laser consumables are expensive, and the start-up needs to wait, etc., resulting in the problem that the processing cost and the cost of die board laser cutting machine are very high.


Yisong environmentally friendly die board sawing machine does not use lasers. Making die with the “saw” processing technology can completely replace the die board laser cutting machine. At the same time, there are no such problems and drawbacks as the laser cutting machine.

 The South China International Printing Exhibition in March attracted a large number of packaging and printing industries and die-cutting industry professionals to come and watch. Many of them came from foreign and other provinces to visit Yisong's . Yisong's environmentally friendly die board sawing machine stands out in numerous die processing equipment with its unique processing technology. It has been recognized and appreciated by visitors, and as many as several dozen merchants have indicated their intention to purchase.




At the same time, the exhibition will also focus on displaying hundreds of other die processing equipment, including die board laser cutting machine, computerized steel rule bending machine, flat die round die laser cutting machine, etc., and gather together well-known Chinese die cutter suppliers. . At the same time, 2018 Sino Corrugated South Exhibition also provides industry professionals with an important opportunity to learn about the latest die board manufacturing technology, trends in the industry, the global development trend of the die board industry, as well as opportunities for expanding emerging markets.


The exhibition also attracted the Asian Corrugated Box Association, Argentina Corrugated Box Manufacturer, Pakistan-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Corrugated Cardboard Box Manufacturers Association, India Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Box Manufacturers, Hong Kong Corrugated Paper Manufacturers Association, and Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industry Associations, Korea Corrugated Packaging Industry Association, Malaysia Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers Association, Spanish Packaging and Printing Machinery Manufacturers Association, Vietnamese Packaging Association and other overseas organizations and associations as well as China Mainland Packaging Technology Association and other visitors.


Yisong Technology expects this exhibition to be successful, and hopes that all visitors will visit the exhibition smoothly.

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